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Cartoon Wars II: Heroes

pumpkinAfter several very successful releases of the Cartoon Wars franchise mobile app games. The minds of Cartoon Wars and Cartoon Wars: Gunner comes the second instalment with the mix of both games made into one.

Checkers Free

pumpkinCheckers, one of the most popular turn based elimination board games next to chess. There are several versions of the classic game Checkers made for mobile devices however many of them either have very linear design, no sound and most of all very boring gameplay.

Destroyer II

pumpkinBlow up the objects to get the penguin on a platform sturdy on the floor. The penguin cannot touch the floor or you fail the level. Use all the bombs to complete the section. Visualize the gravitational direction the penguin will go to once you blow up a particular object.

Shoot U! (Lite)

pumpkin In Shoot U! you use a cannon to shoot little doodle drawn dolls at the objective star. You do this by using the projection force of the cannon (How long you drag the power) and the direction with gravity. The game requires you to figure out all the right ways you can use your cannon.

X Construction Lite

pumpkin X Construction allows you to be the engineer behind the construction of a bridge. The objective of the game is to place the metal in such a way that will keep the bridge sturdy enough to allow for a heavy vehicle to cross it.

Wordfeud FREE

pumpkin A mobile game that uses the same rules and premise as the board game “Scrabble”. You are given 7 letters at any given time, the objective of the game is to make as many words with the limited amount of letters provided to you.

Moon Chaser

pumpkin Moon Chaser’s concept plays around the concept of sliding and timing your release to launch and increase the speed of which your ninja flies through the skies to the next area. Your objective is to go through as many areas and gain as many points as possible before there is an eclipse.

Sudoku Free

pumpkin Sudoku has recently increased in popularity and many people who wish to stimulate their brain have been solving the many possible combinations of Sudoku numbers. The objective of the game is to get all numbers 1-9 in each individual box. However, every vertical and horizontal line also must have 1-9 and no repeats of the number.

Whacksy Taxi

pumpkin Forget the movie Taxi. This Whacksy Taxi is the most epic vehicle I have yet to see in the public transport category of “racing” games. You play a taxi which can hop from lane to lane, fly, has nitros and can jump over vehicles, all from simply picking up a power-up hovering on the floor.

Wave Blazer Lite

pumpkin Racing games usually comprise of mainly driving cars or motorbikes. This game goes for a different approach which is surprisingly entertaining. Racing with a speed boat against others on a water course fitted with ramps to jump off and even power-ups which boost your speed and more.