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KartRider Rush

pumpkinThere have been many racing games on the iOS. However there have not been enough Mario Kart racing type games that have been successful. KartRider Rush fulfils that very well. The game has great controls that are reliable and respond just as you would hope which always really helps.

Stupidness 2 PRO

pumpkinMany games get you to shoot, drive, race, avoid, kill, or solve puzzles. This game makes you solve puzzles that can baffle you of the obvious answer. And sometimes need you to think outside of the box. (Or rather, outside of space)

Skipping Stone

pumpkinA game based entirely on skipping stones. Just as some of us have tried before, taking a flat rock and trying to throw it at a lake at such an angle that it would skip. And after a while if with friends, there tends to be a competition on how many skips they can accomplish. This game plays exactly to that concept.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+

pumpkinThe biggest, most content filled and greatest visual graphics I have come across yet as car racing games are concerned. In this game you can find almost every car available and unlock them. Race them on the road. Drift them in the dirt. Or even skid them on the snow.


pumpkinIt’s not every day where you see teddy bears features in a game that involves shooting zombies. But here is one. In this game you play a stranded hard core stranded teddy bear warrior shooting off zombies as he waits for back up.

Mortal Skies – Modern War Air Combat Shooter

pumpkinOf the many games I always enjoy, arcade bullet hell games were always the most exciting. With crazy upgrades, pick up weapons, explosions. Bullets everywhere! Many people who really appreciate games that can really provide individuals with the entertainment of the day would love this game.

iSniper 3D

pumpkinSniper games or any kind of shooting game on mobile devices usually have an issue with aiming. However in this game sniping is made very simple. Because of the capability of tapping out of the scope and zooming in, because of this, players can shoot targets at really fast paces making the game a lot more exciting.

Monster Dash

pumpkinAn almost unstoppable force that has infinite shotgun rounds and runs faster as you destroy any monsters in your path? I’m in! Monster Dash is a monster runner where the objective of the game is to test how far you can possibly go without falling down or dying.


pumpkinIn this game the objective is to blow up people with as many grenades as you are made available. Control the projection by choosing the direction and strength of the throw to reach your targets. As the game progresses, it gets harder with more complicated kind of throws.

Cut the Rope

pumpkinOne of the cutest games available on the iOS that has gotten quite a great repertoire for actually being quite challenging. The objective of the game is to cut the rope which has a piece of candy in such a way that the cute dinosaur/frog (or whatever that green thing is) can eat it.